Monday, December 04, 2006


I got an email late last night - my Position Vacant author copies. WaHoo!

It all seems so real once I get those in my hot little hand. It is also a bit of a relief. Persuading Jo went right to the wire with edits, and because I was in New Zealand on a surprise Holiday at the time (and away from an internet connection) and things got a little pie shaped at the last minute.

This time around, though, everything has been like clockwork. Thank goodness, I was getting a bit paranoid :)


Isabella Snow said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats! Mine went to the wire too - got them the night of! ;)

Celia Kyle said...

Woooooooot!!!!!! Congrats Anne!


Anne Douglas said...

Thanks guys! Guess who is staying up till midnight tonight madly refreshing her screen till the LI homepage updates?

I am behind on two Eppie Readings so, I will be busy while I wait :)