Sunday, December 03, 2006

Position Vacant Ornament Giveaway


Yes I know, long time in coming, but I decided I wanted to hunt out something more than just Santa ornaments. Something that really reflected Position Vacant. And I am glad I did!

These two ornaments represent Position Vacant so well it's spooky!

If you have read the excerpt on the Position Vacant page (you can find it under the booklist tab on my website you will know Nick is the master toy designer. So what would be better than Santa's Toy Works?

I also make comment about Dancer and Prancer being rather aptly named...only I could make two of Santa's Reindeer gay. So when I found the ornament that has two reindeer dancing and prancing, I chortled with glee and bundled it in the cart! (They plug in FYI, the workshop lights up and the and prance!


Robin Snodgrass said...

OH! What adorable ornaments! I'm an ornament addict! I've not seen those two before! And your reasoning for choosing them based on Position Vacant is absolutely fabulous! I got such a chuckle when I read the reasons. :)
Thanks for sharing not only your talent, but your sense of humor!
Hugs, Robin

Isabella Snow said...

Hey those are cool! I love really colorful christmas thingers. ;)

Anne Douglas said...

I think they are Lemar? or Leman? should see the whole city you can buy of this stuff!