Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three new reviews

I have been waiting with baited breath for the first Position Vacant review. I have been hoping its short story status wouldn't send it to the bottom of the pile - thank you to Amanda the FAR reviewer who made my day (especially since she gave it 5 angels)!

This is pure romantic fun. Ms. Douglas does a wonderful job making this story come alive with all the novelty, characters, and antics of the North Pole. She does it with such humor and candor that it never strays into a clich├ęd holiday story. Santa’s helpers lend authenticity to the setting and fun to the story while still staying distinctly in the background. The relationship between Nick, Simon, and Bea takes center stage. These three are realistic characters readers can’t help but like. Even as Simon and Bea are drawn to each other, they don’t want to hurt Nick. Yet their attraction to each other is unmistakable and culminates in passionate, heartfelt love scenes. The erotic connection between Simon and Bea is well written and I love the balance between passion and caring. The ending has this reader hoping another trip to the North Pole is not far away.

FAR also reviewed Persuading Jo (with another 5 angels!)...
The McCabes: Persuading Jo is a tantalizing story that will have your blood pressure soaring as you join these two sexy men in their pursuit of Jo. This tale has been very well written and contains detailed sexual encounters, although not for everyone, I found these scenes to be very alluring and highly erotic. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the love and devotion between these characters and felt that Jo was a lucky woman. Anne Douglas has created a fantastic story with The McCabes: Persuading Jo and earned herself a new fan in the process. 5 Angels!!

Joyfully Reviewed just posted their review of Persuading Jo...
Anne always does a great job of portraying the emotional aspects of a story, but I was still surprised by the intensity of the emotions in this story on all sides. The sex was hot and extremely well-written, but above all, Persuading Jo is a reminder that love takes many forms and not always what you expect. I’m really hoping for another from Anne in this vein



Amanda Young said...

Congratulations on the great reviews, Anne!

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Phew is right! What great reviews - your books sound steamy... and fascinating :)

Do you know my cousin Judy Griffith Gill - I'm sure that's a long shot - but thought I'd ask. Judy has written many, many romance novels - and just started to blog.

You can read a post I just put up today about her if you're interested!