Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Preds & Ed's Readers Poll for 2006

Preditors and Editors have posted the results of their 2006 Readers poll.

Persuading Jo was entered in the Category: Electronic Romance Novel and finished 4th overall. And in the Category: Author pages I finished 7th equal!

I guess this means that I can flash around one of these :) :

I guess this is where I'm supposed to give one of those stuttering Oscar speeches thanking my cat for her constant company while I'm writing, and my husband for being kind enough to by me a laptop then not complain to much when 10mths later I want to trade it in for a new mac laptop instead, and my sister for kindly telling me "this paragraph is a load of shite" and "oooh, this bits good!", and my editor for putting up with all my seriously wacked diva tantrums and tears (seriously, you know thats sarcasm right...I'm so not the queen of Diva...well except when hubby hasn't put out all the rubbish bags yet again - I mean whats so fucking hard about going arund the house emptying the rubbish bins and the fridge from things that jump out and try grab you?).

Oops, sorry B that was a bit of one of those run on sentances you keep telling me off for.

Anyway, isn't that cool beans? Oops, and before I forget - Loose Id, thank you so very much for publishing me! Can't have any of those horrid rumors going around that we are on rocks and about to divorce because I forgot you in my acceptance speech. But then again, I was only a top ten finalist not number one so the tabloids probably wouldn't give a shite anyway!

Seriously, everyone that I nagged begged politely asked to vote for me, thankyou!

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crowwoman / rhian said...

BIG congrats and well deserved!