Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red sky in morning Shepherds warning ..

Yes, I have my first ever, red headed stepchild, no body loves it manuscript to file in the figurative box under my bed.

Why not work on it, you say? Well, I've rewritten this story three times for resub requests that didn't work out - of course all those additions were what a second publisher disliked about it. It's been a year and a half of working on it in some form, it's time for me to lay it to rest.

Maybe I'll post it as a free read? Errr ... then you can really see how bad my grammar abilities really are :)

Then I got the phone call that a close family member was diagnosed with cancer that will be operated on next week ... I don't think I like red moon nights. I'm going to go with the wailing peasants and harbingers of doom that it's the devils work.

So, as you can see life in the world of an author isn't all red roses and contracts. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at it, things don't go your way.

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Celia Kyle said...

Awww! *sniffle* I'm sad. Maybe you can dye its hair later and try again in six months or so. Maybe?