Friday, August 03, 2007

So many ideas, not enough time

Or at least not enough patience to sit and get them done with out letting my add tendencies get the better of me and start blog surfing.

I've had a couple of ideas on the back burner, yet I looked up a couple of outlines I'd done ages ago and wondered WhyTF I haven't done anything with them? They are good ... but I can't seem to work too well on multiple WIP. WIP and edits are not a problem, but I'm failing at having 2-3 WIP going at the same time.

So at the moment I have this great dark menage story that I really have to sit down and start editing - its going from short story length to novella/novel length. Great twisty stuff where it starts off as a mfm menage but ends up as a mmf menage, tortured type hero, whimsical heroine, hero with the wastrel family. As it stands its a mfm, so I've got lots of work to do.

Then I've always had a plan to follow up AW with another story, one where the pack alpha, gets together with the much younger goth chick. How bad is this: I emailed my editor, who snapped up AW quick, to see if she'd like to see a second story land on her eDesk. Can you tell I'm procrastinating on that editing? To RS,CF's detriment she didn't poo-poo the idea. Bugger. Turns out that its not just Rob and Shauns story, but lookie here theres a studly vampire by the name of Jakov Peter (I resisted I didn't call him Peter Jakov!), hmmm ... and 850 words into my first scene a ghost called Gertruda has just popped up - I think I could really have fun with this story.

Then I have this trio of stories about eBay, and a story of a pair of peeping toms (which might work for the Brava contest if I pull finger), and ... too damn many idea's I tell you!

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