Sunday, August 05, 2007

How foo is your google?

I thought I'd follow on a few other folks with some weird and wonderful searches that have registered on my blog and website:

  • Transformers Erotica - well that's a new area of slash I'd never thought of. Though Optimus Prime has one of those voices you can imagine saying "Hey, Baby".
  • Chicken with Fresh Cherries - The poor budding chef must have got an eyeful when he clicked on the blog, wonder what recipe they found in the end? It's kind of ironic, actually. I made a roast chicken with cranberry seasons stuffing in it the other night (I'm a cavity stuffer, no made in a separate plate deal here), not quite the same, but damn close. And the chicken bake thingy (totally pants it) using the left overs the next night I think might have tasted even better. Anyone want the recipe?
  • Ass Thermometers - ??? I mean, seriously. How hard is it - Thermometer, check, Ass check... it's not that hard, surely?
  • Navel gazing skepsis - maybe they were looking for skeptics? I sure hope it wasn't navel sepsis, that just sounds painful
  • "holy shit" "little fist" cunt - Anyone else think they were hunting down Pope poo and a black eye ....
  • Double team blow job - care to take any bets on what sex hit up google with that search?
  • Pipe Dreams black dildo - Oh honey, it's no pipe dream. Click the Condomania link on the side bar and you can find all sorts of things --->
  • "Anna Campbell" porn - *snort* well I guess if you're looking for a closed door inspirational historical, yes, you might think she writes porn. Truely, you have to get past the sex and look deeper, it was a dark gothic style romance, very twisty. (how poetic am I - not- on a Sunday?)
  • Thick hard stiff rub - well that covers all the bases now, doesn't it.
  • Small Umbrella - Walgreens does it for me, though I did just get these great ones for kiddo from a brand called Pluie Pluie. Perfect for little hands, and they don't have that little catch thing at the top that always pinches your fingers when you go to take it down. They are the bell style ones too, not flat, so great for keeping your kiddo and their backpack dry. Kiddo is quite enamored of his frogs and stripes. One of my Ivylane ladies is going to be selling them.
Okay, I really need to stop futzing with this, because I'm way behind on my Sweat70 - Though I think FB is taking kiddo to go see The Simpsons Movie. Two hours of me time, HoYEAH!


julia said...

How do you find out what people were searching for on Google in order to find you?

"Ass thermometer" and "small umbrella"? How wonderous is synchronicity?

Miss Frou Frou said...

The weirdest one I've had lately is "wetting girls puddle pee pants relief" from Dutch google... people need to learn about the closed captions!

Tempest Knight said...

Tranformers erotica? How twisted is that! Yeah, Optimus Prime's sex life! HAHAHA!

Anne Douglas said...

The thermometer thing still boggles me, but I've got a free read titled Green Umbrella, so that one at least makes sense.

Julia - you can use google analytics, but I use a much simpler tracker - icerocket.

Well Miss Frou consider my eyebrow raised at that one, lol!

Tempest, I'm still trying to figure out transformer sex, "Oh yeah baby, tighten that bolt just a little more" "Lube me baby doll, lube me, shove that wrench of yours nice and deep"

You know, there's a meme in there somewhere..