Monday, November 19, 2007

Accidentally Were? - Available Now!

ad_accidentallywere_coverlg.jpgISBN: 978-1-59632-575-3
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Erotic Paranormal BBW Romantic Comedy

Available now at Loose Id!

With Murphy’s Law, Magic, and Fate working together, Pearl and Rex don’t stand a chance. When Miss. Priss in pearls meets Mr. Proudly Plaid in flannel, there‘ll be more flying than just blue sparks and fur.

Pearl Gordon wakes up after her first ever one-night-stand to an empty bed, a plethora of love bites, and every stray canine in town serenading her bedroom window? Something’s not right -- neither the dogs, nor the strange canine tooth marks in the middle of all the hickeys she now wears around her neck.

When her pal Shaun can’t come up with any better excuse than she was bitten by a werewolf — seriously, as if! — Shaun suggests Pearl double check with her neighbour, Rex Dixon. After all the handsome, burly, bear of a man might be practicing as a vet, but he also trained as a GP.

Angry that a Were in heat was so stupid as to sit herself down in the middle of his waiting room, Rex reacts. Only there’s a few things he doesn’t know about Pearl, and it seems Magic is about to poke a pin in the side of his confirmed bachelor balloon. There’s a prophecy to fulfil and Fate’s out hunting, and she’s loaded for Were-Bear.


Rhian said...

OMG! is it? now? Running off to get it.
err - i was here playing train catchup but later, wench!

Michelle Cary said...

Congrats, Anne.

I'll be getting this soon. Have to wait until DH gets paid on the 1st of the month, then I'll go shopping. *g*