Friday, December 21, 2007

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain...

Pretty, no?

The release date for Red Skirt is really not all that far off - January 15th. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told the date would come forward rather than be put back to make way for my story that leads off the Husbands and Wives series.

As you can tell by my previous releases, ménage happens to be a favourite of mine, but this one is a little different than Persuading Jo or Tea for Three. Red skirt is quite a voyage of discovery where Ian and Sanjay discover that it's not just Sam(antha) they need, but that they need to confront what each feels for the other, and decide if they will act on what they find out about themselves.

So, unlike Tea for Three, where a committed same sex bi couple introduce a third who is female to their relationship, in Red Skirt, Cool Fountain the polyamorous grouping allows the heretofore strictly hetero men to explore the sexual feelings they have for one another.

Those first man to man touches, and that first time for actual penetrative sex...oooh boy! Hot, hot, hawt!!

Here's the blurb:

Sanjay Chandra and Ian Morris are flipsides of the same coin — Sanjay, the dark and brooding voyeur, while Ian is the light-hearted, fun seducer. But neither one is quite what they appear. One is cold and aloof, a product of his hands off, must strive for excellence childhood, while the other is cynical and jaded by his families fast, wastrel ways. As the saying goes: money can’t buy you love.

A bright spark of red, viewed from the window of their fifth floor office, draws their attention to a woman who lets loose of the humid lethargy the stifling summer has pressed on them. She sparkles like the cool water in the fountain she wistfully dangles her fingers into.

She is everything they are not — carefree, living life to the fullest, full of laughter and light.

They both want her, so they decide to have her. But Ian and Sanjay risk more than their conventionality by courting Sam. They hazard their very sense of self when they must confront what each man means to the other.


Mandi said...

Ooo ... pretty. Who did it, Anne?

Anne Douglas said...

Frauke, of Croco Designs I believe