Monday, March 17, 2008

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Two Lips Reviews:

Anne Douglas has written an extremely sensual story full of characters who are flawed enough to be real, while building a beautifully erotic romantic tale. Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is an incredibly erotic and emotional story that highlights how finding that “perfect” someone is more about finding someone who complements perfectly without needing to be perfect.

Ian is a fun-loving man who succeeds while having fun and approaches everything in life with a sunny attitude. Meanwhile, Sanjay is the brooder and thinker who succeeds by effort and drive, leaving very little if any energy left for the enjoyment of life’s successes. Sam, on the other hand, seems to be much more like Ian in her approach to life, but as she is revealed through her interactions with the men, she is shown to be a perceptive woman who is not as impulsive as she seems.

When Ian, Sanjay and Sam come together they will set you on fire as they steam up the pages – especially when Sam becomes the catalyst for the men to acknowledge their feelings for one another. Anne Douglas has outdone herself in writing Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by creating characters who will turn you on as they melt your heart! Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is a must-have for every ménage lover’s library, and Anne Douglas should be added to the list of authors to watch!

RED SKIRT, COOL FOUNTAIN may be an interesting title for a story, but it is actually perfect because of what Sam is wearing the first time she is noticed by Ian and Sanjay and how they are first introduced to her. I found Sanjay and Ian's friendship to be very special and also very real. These two men are very close and there is no jealousy between them, especially when Sam, the woman of their dreams, enters the picture.

Anne Douglas has written a very nice yet sexy romance between the two friends and the woman that makes their bond even stronger. Sanjay and Ian are total opposites of each other, but still they are so in tune. I also liked Sanjay's sister Mila who is the voice of reason and understanding when it comes to these two men and their needs. If you like an emotional yet erotic and unconventional love story, I recommend RED SKIRT, COOL FOUNTAIN. You may find yourself looking for your own fountain to cool off in after you finish reading.

Par 3 is Ms. Douglas's first entry in her new series. A wonderful and loving novella, I had great pleasure in reading it. Emma was distraught about Aaron and he was concerned about her. They had amazing and erotic sex...make sure that you have a partner or a toy available because you will need it. Silas was an additional primary character who helped Emma and Aaron with their issues. His sexual activities were equally amazing. I do suggest that readers who object to mild BDSM not read Par 3. Emma was my favorite character; she was a wonderful, loving woman who had always known that she and Aaron needed the intimacy that they seemed to have lost. Aaron and Silas were very true to life-men who didn't understand women! The plot was perfectly written as were all Ms. Douglas's books. Why are you here? Go buy this story!


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