Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Meme of Four

Courtesy of Racy Li tagging me...

Four jobs I’ve had:

Dispensing Optician - I started this just out of Art school as a receptionist. Who would have figured a number of years (and a few other jobs in between)later I would qualify as a Dispensing Optician and eventually open my own Locum Dispenser business. I believe I was the first Dispenser to offer an advertised business of this nature in New Zealand, although many practices might have a person they call on when staff are sick or on leave.

Dental Assistant at an A & E Dentist - Loved working with this crowd, they asked a lot of their staff, but they treated them well, but saw some scary things, and some very funny things too. Like the girly who lost her two front teeth down the loo as she yakked up her cookies one New Years eve - it was a lesson for all of us...get drunk without your false teeth in, saves you no end in dentist bills!

Santa's Helper - Quite ironic really, all things considered. Yes, one year I worked at the mall as one of the girls taking your kidlets photos. You know, I never knew if that beard of his was real or not!

Photographer for a Women in Action Booklet at Waikato University - No money for this one. Maybe I was heading for the publishing life from an early age?

Four favorite foods: Cruel, cruel question!

Chili's southwestern egg rolls - I can't get enough of those things

Bread - carbs, carbs, give me those glorious carbs!

Licorice - Old Fashioned Black Knights licorice from NZ

I just can't decide of a fourth - and you can't make me!

Four movies I could watch over and over:

You know, I enjoy lots of movies, but I'm not rabid about watching them over and over again.

I do love watching anything by M.Night.Shamalyan - that guy is the master with the 'twist'.

Cheesy - I love cheesy for cheesinesses sake

Four TV shows I enjoy:

House - got to love that dry sarcastic wit!

Bones - David mm good!

Scrubs - Zack Braff - genius, pure genius I tell you!

Ugly Betty

By default I watch a lot of stuff like Avatar etc - 6 year old kiddos and their after school tv!

Four Places I’ve Traveled:

Ichihara, Chiba Peninsula, Japan

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Oahu, Hawaii

The Bahamas

Four websites I go to (almost) daily: (Yay for Feed burner!)

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Bors Boards (aka - its not porn, the story behind the name is quite funny)

It's not Chick Porn

Designing Minds

Four people I’m tagging to do this too:

Isabella Snow


Sharon Maria Bidwell

Celia Kyle

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Isabella Snow said...


I just blogged so I will have to do this after New Years.. thanks a lot!!! I can hardly count to three as it is.. ;)