Thursday, January 18, 2007

A naughty Thursday 13

13 Ways to say you're having sex.

  1. Taking a tumble
  2. Doing the horizontal polka
  3. Getting some nooky
  4. Playing hide the sausage
  5. A little bit of hows 'ya father
  6. Getting a leg over
  7. Rubbing bellies
  8. Score between the posts
  9. Riding the elephant trunk of joy
  10. The old in and out
  11. Rolling in the hay
  12. Taking one for the team
  13. Scoring a home run
Okay, so I kept it clean, and really didn't get into some of the weird and wonderful descriptive terms out there - man people can come up with the weirdest euphemisms!


Colleen Gleason said... it!

How about: gettin' a little slap and tickle? (always reminds me of that song by Squeeze).

My TT's up….Thirteen Albums from the 80s I have hanging on my wall.

Jenny Ryan said...

Nice! :P

Jill said...

Now, I'll know many ways to say it in my second language(more anyway!!)!!
My tt are up!!