Wednesday, March 14, 2007

13 pieces of purple prose - TT#12

Lets start with some classics:

  • His hot and heavy manmeat
  • Her overflowing honeypot
  • His seed of life
  • Her love chalice cried out to be the recipient of his seed of life
  • And of course the always usable, shaft of love
Lets get a little more, umm... well take a read, you'll see:
  • Raging tower of desire - anyone else wondering how on earth that's supposed to fit down there?
  • Filled her with the hot wet tumult of his love (I filched that from here)
  • Convulsion of bliss (well, some guys do make it look painful when they come!)
  • He was ringing my bell - You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell
  • And this one just sounds painful to me "He was going to bust a nut if he didn't get inside her hot box"
  • Hitching on the Hershey highway - it was a guy who came up with this, no woman would ever defile chocolate in that manner!
  • Making mouth music - play that flute baybee!
  • Yodeling in the canyon of love
If you find one of these in any of my manuscripts please feel free to email me a slap upside the head - if I use one of these I'll need it to jump start my brain!


Michelle Hasker said...

Those are great Anne!
And haven't seen any of those in Persuading Jo.

Di said...

I am clearly reading the wrong books!

Wylie Kinson said...

Hilarious! Reminds me when I submitted my first short story to Black Lace and the editor called me to say (and I quote) "Around here, we call a cock a cock"
Oh, I was so naive back then!

Amelia Elias said...

ROTFPMSL! "Bust a nut" indeed--ooh, romantic... NOT. Reminds me of my first attempt at writing romance--I referred to the heroine's breasts as "twin globes of softness." Apparently she had marshmallows strapped to her chest. That phrase will live in infamy forever in my writing group...

Morgen said...

Yodeling in the canyon of love!
Ha -- I think an author who used that one needs more than an e-mail slap!
Great list!
Now I won't be able to get A Raging Tower Of Desire out of my head...


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Amanda Young said...

Canyon of love...? That's just not right. LMAO. Cute list Anne.

Shiloh Walker said...

Oh man...some of those are scary

Isabella Snow said...

Bust a nut! Did you see the Bernie Mac clip on my blog awhile ago??

He must say that 20 times, lol.

Manmeat - it's what's for dinner. ;)

Tina Bendoni said...

These are some of the worst (best)I have seen. Where did you come up with all of them? Oh, wait. On second thought, I don't think I want to know :)

Christine said...


PJ said...

You can't be serious! No self-respecting publisher would allow phrases like "manmeat" and "honeypot" to appear in their novels.

I used to giggle whenever I came across the woman's "soft mounds of flesh" as described in some older romances. And what did the guy brandish... a "throbbing manhood" or "pulsating rod"!

Shelli Stevens said...

Ok, that Hershey's highway thing? *Shudder!*

scooper said...

I laughed out loud to "filled her with the hot wet tumult of his love". Eww!! That just sounds nasty.

Tempest Knight said...

*LOL* I just finished reading a novel in which I saw "manmeat" used.

Sophisticated Writer said...

LOL Thank God I don't write erotica :P