Monday, March 12, 2007


I was hunting for a new pic of a hot studly man and found this:

EDIT: pic went away so I found a better one - this ones an actual action shot:

Ooookay? Squeeze me and I'll sing for you. Apparently you squeeze on the end and it honks its own horn. Thank god it doesn't squeal like an elephant when the appendage it adorns gets long enough to touch the mechanism - that would severely disappoint most of the population (plus while laughter and sex is all good, rolling on the floor peeing yourself with uncontrollable laughter is a passion killer).

Then I found this:

I'm sure it's supposed to be some sort of award or trophy, but on first glance it looks like a big mirror. Does that tickle anyone sense of irony as it does mine? Cause sometimes I get the idea that these models spend way to much time watching themselves.


scooper said...

Now that is hot!

T.A.Chase said...

lol...I thought it was a mirror as well, Anne. :) It's a hot pic though.

Emily Veinglory said...

I can't see the first pic :(