Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday sex

It's always the best kind, but I digress.

I was out hunting some eye candy, as you do (it's all in the name of research, I swear) and found this little blog and this pic. (Is that a drool worthy blog or what - don't think that baby's not going on my rssfeed list! You make thank me later chickies!)

Now this rather tasty piece of man flesh is of Hispanic origins, not Indian, but this was very much what I was imagining in my head when I was writing about Jay in Red Skirt, Cool Fountain (the short story that's now going to be a novel).

sexy men

And this is definitely a player for one of the McCabe boys - Brian maybe, but this guy still has a bit of a babyface, so I think he might be better suited for baby brother Michael - Sean is way more worldweary than this face.

sexy men

OH MY GIDDY AUNT... I dropped my jelly bellies...

sexy men

There is no way I can top that -- well I could damn well try, but I have a funny feling those boys would have any lover strapped to that gogeous bed in two seconds flat, and I think I could very easily live with that!

And to think the whole twin menage thing has always been a little icky for me (mainly because I like the guys in my menages to be getting it on, baby!) -- photo's like this have me re-thinking!


Emily Veinglory said...

I know what you mean about the twin thing, I like it a lot insome fantasy fiction but not when it gts too real, like twins actually raised together from babies.

Amanda Young said...

Ooo la la. Nice way to end my Sunday. :)