Thursday, October 18, 2007

13 reasons you should help me with my blog experiment

Just why you should leave me a comment giving me some ideas for my interactive blog serial story.

  1. You can't get enough 'I fell in love with the sheik and am having his love child stories' - Seriously, I'd work with that!
  2. You can vicariously live out your fantasies of having the heroine make out with a guy call Eunice.
  3. To make sure I don't add in ehxtra h's or mh'ss a few v'w'ls - did ya see that? I got an h and a miss vowel in the same word!
  4. This is your chance to explore your wildest mail man fantasies
  5. Or, of course, your geek gets the hot cheerleader ones
  6. Though I do put my foot down at the geek and his hawtness invention romances - no dick drive slots here thank you. (there is a story behind the 'dick drive', I must tell y'all one day, or better yet, make a graphic)
  7. Ever since Mrs Doubtfire you've wanted to use the name Euphegenia (hey, anyone noticing the weird E name trend here?)
  8. Who needs a hot latin lover, when we could have a short, swarthy eskimo instead? Just imagine all the hot, melt-the-igloo lovin'...
  9. Here's your chance to prove me wrong, and that Doug is really the primo size at 12". Hell, throw in a double, triple penis even, just for kicks!
  10. Guys with green skin and purple polka dots are you thing - well write it down, who knows I might just be able to work it in there.
  11. You really want to read a story about the new generation of paranormal shifters - no panthers, lions or wolves here, lets talk duckies, squirrels and armadillos.
  12. I mean, how often is it you get the opportunity to screw with my head by suggesting totally outrageous ideas I have to work with
  13. It's fun - and I'll do my best with what I'm given to make it a sexy, sexy read :)


Veronica Arch said...

hee hee - sounds like fun especially the guy with the green skin and purple polka dots.

Celia Kyle said...

No stealing the squirrel!!!!

Anne Douglas said...

I was trying to think of that flying rodent thing, but squirrel was the only thing I came up with. Anyone know what they're called? The flying rodent that is, not the squirrel

Celia Kyle said...

Sugar Glider? Now that could be a cute shifter... A little pudgy sugar glider girl that has a thing for sweets. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I can't help more here, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding folks who'll help you! Good luck!

Kelly Cat's favorite human

Denise Patrick said...

So, what would you do with a porcupine? Ouch!!

Very funny list and now you've got me thinking.

Happy TT!

Ann said...

You've got to use the ducks, ducks rule. And whatever you do with a porcupine, do it carefully. :) Have a great weekend.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What about opossums? They are totally underappreciated animals!

Seriously, I'm out of ideas, at least for the moment. I'll holler if that changes, though.