Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another weekend gone...

And the end of the year has crept another week closer.

I got to thinking (I know, I know...I used my brain?) about this last year, and what I have or haven't achieved.

It definitely has been a different year than I had thought it might be at this time last year. It was in about a months time that I sat down to pen my first tale...ever! Then in March I had a contract, and July my first book published. Quite a feat, considering that until I typed out

Wild Blue was the local bi/gay dance club—a place where she felt right at home since her two best friends, who happened to be men, were also lovers.
actually becoming an author was just one of those things in the 'wouldn't that be nice pile'. Although I consider myself artsy crafty, and mildly witty at times, writing was in the same place as my desire to one day learn ancient Hebrew and read the dead sea scrolls - most likely to happen when Pink Pig airlines took to the skies.

But somewhere along the way I tried something new. I took the time to try make one of those pipe dreams a reality and look ... I made it happen.

Okay, I wrote it, polished it, then sent it off and the wise folks at Loose Id saw the potential and made the final product happen, but still...I made it happen. As my friends would say, I now write chick porn and get paid for it. (Damn it, when will they realise it's erotic romance!!)

I know that there are writers who have suffered for years trying to do the same thing - get published that is, not write chick porn... err... erotic romance - who feel the need to write as if its a disease in their blood (sort of like the way Pepsi calls to me in the middle of the night like a bad vamp movie where you scream "No! Don't do it, the bad mans out there! He will suck your blood and kill you all dead to the dead!" (Bad C movie screenplay courtesy of FB, the king of really bad one liners)). But they aren't the target of this little diatribe. They are already trying to make their pipe dream a reality (although their pipe dream might need a little bit of a revamp), they are the ones already taking a risk. My target is the rest of you who dream your dreams, then moan about how they aren't ever going to come true.

When life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie people! Get out there, take one of those pipe dreams and give it a try. It might be a screaming pile of poo's (another FB classic), but you gave it a try. We have approximately 85 years on this planet, with no guarantee of any form of afterlife, make the most of what you have now. Don't just think out of the box, take a great big sledgehammer and smash the damn thing wide open, get out there and live your life the way you want it.

And maybe, now that I have made one potential possibility a reality, I might just hunt out a Rabbi and figure out who I have to screw to get my greedy mitts on the precursor to the bible.


Isabella Snow said...

Can I just tell you Kitten was rejected like 50 times???

They kept telling me it was too on the border - vanilla readers would find it scary and non-vanilla's would find it too light.

I didn't write it with an audience in mind, I just wrote something I wanted to read!!!

I finished Kitten around Feb of last year and didn't sell until August!

So.. obviously.. I hate you now. ;)

Anne Douglas said...

Don't worry I got my comeupance.. you know how McCabes is a series, well McCabes2 got rejected because it is too conventional, so I changed a few things, and it was still rejected because I need to really deep down into their emotions. Also position vacant got shopped aroudn and everyone said it was crap, so I asked what was wrong and they told me so it got totally rewritten...le sigh...I had to get rid of this great funny sex in the front seat of a hummer scene..