Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TT #18 - Randomness

  1. Is everyone as geekgirled out at the new Tabletop Computer as I am?
  2. Why do iceblocks come on sticks but icecream in a cone? And why are iceblocks, well, blocks? Why not circles, or triangles, or octogons?
  3. I just named our new kitten Chicken. FB tells me it's so off the wall it just might work. It's definitely going to be better than yelling out 'little black sunshine' in hearing of our coloured neighbours. I don't think they would wait around to here my 7yr old suggested the name since we have one cats thats light and one cat thats black and they like sitting in the sun.
  4. Apparently I'm an Emo Goth Chick in middle class white womans clothing because I like both Evanesence and Fall Out Boy. I also have a side of hoochie momma as I've snapped up all Timbalands latest in explicit format.
  5. Fresh Cherries are the BOMB. You can keep those fake glacé crap things that you get on top of your sundae. Though I think I might in a world of hurt a little later as I've managed to eat half a pound of them writing this TT.
  6. Why is it you always miss a spot with the suntan lotion?
  7. Would the world be a better place if they'd left the cocaine in the Coke-a-Cola?
  8. How do they get white chocolate to be white? Are there special albino cocoa beans or something?(seems not) This musing came courtesy of my addiction to the special, imported from Europe white chocolate that I can only get at World Market
  9. How did we know Violets were violet to call them Violets? Or were Violets Violet before they were violet?
  10. On that note: Is it wrong to like boys who like boys who like girls who like boys who like boys and girls?
  11. I think I might be having a fruit sugar rush, because 9 & 10 make perfect sense to me.
  12. I am so jonesing for the new Transformers movie - I'll be dragging kiddo along on opening day. I have a totally inappropriate crush on Shia LaBeouf - he's all of 21 for goodness sake, I think that could get me arrested!
  13. Damn, the cherries are calling again ... I wonder if I can do that tie the stalk in a knot thing? You know that could be a very sexy thing to have a character do, specially if its a man -- that would really make his girlie's eyes cross and her tongue hang out as she panted with lust -- or is that just a good idea cause the fruit sugars talking again?


Rashenbo said...

I totally made myself sick yesterday eating fresh cherries... and then I had more today! In fact I may go get some more now! :) OOOO I get to be an EMO GOTH CHICK too! :) And, do you find yourself randomly singing... "Transformers... more than meets the EYE!"

Hehe, great list. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I used to be able to do the knot in the cherry stem thing, but I had to have a drink first, to loosen up my jaw joint. Lovely thought, huh? (Don't go there!)

As for cherries, ours don't seem to be in yet. :( I LOOOOOOOOVE fresh cherries, almost as much as homegrown strawberries.

Mmm. Summertime. No wonder it's on my brain this week, huh?

Wylie Kinson said...

9 & 10 make total sense to me, too. Oh oh!!

And I LOVE Fall Out Boy!! You know that song - Arms Race?
For the longest time, me and my 7yr old thought they were singing: It's not a city, it's a hot damn horse race!
Ah... we still chuckle.

Nicole Austin said...

What a totally random list, I love it. LOL!

A kitten named Chicken...good one.

I understood 9 & 10. :D

Margaret said...

Chicken kitty sounds awesome. You can do the cherry knot thing if you practice. I'm a pro. It drives 'em all crazy even in my old age. =O)

Great list and have a Happy Thursday.

tommiea said...

I have an the real sense of awe....chicken recipe using fresh cherries on a little fresh greens salad. I served it at a little get together in the summer last year.

Hollar at me if you would like it...

I just finished my third TT ...

happy thursday

Raggedy said...

Happy TT'ing

Joy T. said...

I'm sorry. I scrolled down a bit too far and can't make my way back up because my eyes are stuck on the cover of Tea for Three. Great TT list. I think.

Tink said...

I love Evanesence too. :-) Interesting stuff to read, thanks for sharing.
My TT shares 13 things about the blue moon.

Miss Frou Frou said...

9 had me laughing out loud. And mountains of cherries just remind me of the Witches of Eastwick...eeww.

Tilly Greene said...

Hmmm, #10 is Blur's it but to write it and read it is a blur :-)

I think Chicken is a perfectly good name for a cat.

Good list!

Anonymous said...

Okay, seriuously, my brain actually tripped and fell over some of these. lol

Amanda Young said...

Number 7 is hilarious and maybe just a little scary. I can't believe they put coke in coke. *g*

Emily Veinglory said...

...I had icecream on a stick, don't tell me you don't eat jellytips? ;)

Ann(ie) said...

Arsenio would have called this list:

13 things that make you go "Hmmm"

Lori said...

You named a kitten "Chicken"? thats funny:)

Lesley said...

Fall Out Boys! That was the name of the other band who was here! They are goth? Wow I have a new respect. And yes! That computer rocks my freakin world!!! Sign me up for two!

Christine said...

Apparently I'm an Emo Goth Chick too. Who knew!! And I can't wait for the Transformers movie to come out this summer! I loved the cartoon when I was a kids and I can't wait to see them larger than life. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, forgot to mention this yesterday: one of my cats (the one currently in my lap, in fact) is a chicken in cat fur. I swear it. He's afraid of ... everything and then some.

So I think Chicken is a great cat name. I've thought of changing this guy's name to Chicken, but you should see the look he gives me when I call him that!

Kuanyin said...

Great, funny list! Wow...erotic books--what have I been NOT reading and missing out on! Happy TT!

Kate said...

I love random ones. :-)

Anne Douglas said...

Kuanyin, there's a whole world of books out there that tend to the more risque side of life, while still having great stories to tell :)

Emily - how sad is that, it's been so long I'd forgotten!

I managed to finish the rest of the cherries tonight, mm mm good!

Emo Goth Chicks Unite! (and no FOB isn't goth, its the emo part of the equation)

Susan - I think why Chicken works so well, is because she's everything but :0)

Hope y'all had a good Thursday!

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