Thursday, December 07, 2006

While the cats away...

This mouse has been doing feck all, really.

You would think with hubby out of town (how nice for some to get to spend a week in Costa Mesa CA!), I would have the place ship shape and bristol fashion, the washing done, the dishes sparkling, and thousands of words might think that.

I could easily disabuse you of that notion though.

Where have my days gone? Eppie reading for, my eyes are still square from that (reminder for next year offer for a few less entries to read), oh, I baked a cake...well technically I baked one cake (gingerbread from Slivia Violets Passionate Kitchen blog) and one slice (brownie for the USA folk)...mmm sultana slice, damn I love that stuff!

Oooh, I had a pedi...and, I think, an orgasm..just a little tiddly mini one. I was talking to the lady saying we had been doing our floors and my knees were kaput, and since I wasnt having the fancy smancy pedi she gave me this absolutely lower leg and knee massage. OHMIGAWD! It was so cruel to make me get up afterwards and walk. How dare they! Lets say the lady got a very generous tip! FB will like the pretty red toes when he gets back from CA - he has a bit of a thing for toes/feet...when they arent all cracked and hory looking that is.

See, I have all that polishing, and shining, and cleaning to do, and yet again I am here procrastinating. I so suck at being a housewife. I would never get a good recommendation from my boss...what a way to mar my glowing work record :(

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Isabella Snow said...

I have always wanted a pedicure but I have never had one. I am so jealous!!